Laurent Younes


Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Center for Imaging Science
Institute for Computational Medicine


Follow these links for more details on my research projects and publications.

§  Spaces of Plane Curves

§  Diffeomorphic Mapping and Shape Analysis

§  Metamorphosis

§  Diffeomorphic Mapping in Medical Imaging

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Book: Shapes and Diffeomorphisms


Courses taught (JHU)

o   Introduction to Machine Learning (*) (last taught 2009)

o   Graphical models (*) (last taught 2011)

o   Mathematical Image Analysis (*) (last taught fall 2011)

o   Functional Analysis (*) (last taught spring 2012)

o   Mathematical Foundations of Computational Anatomy (last taught fall 2013)

o   Shape and Differential Geometry (last taught fall 2015)

o   Introduction to Statistics (last taught spring 2015)

o   Distribution-free methods and Resampling in Statistics (*) (fall 2017)

(*) Some lecture notes are available upon request)