My Life

Here are some things I like to do other than research.

Writing and performing music

Daniel playing accordion with the Urban Symphony at El Mocombo in Toronto

I love music and I play a handful of instruments. I've been playing piano since I was about 4, and passed my grade 8 royal conservatory of music certification with first class honours.

I learned to play trumpet in high school, guitar in undergrad, and the synthesizer after taking a course on the physics of oscillations and waves.

I also play (not particularly well) some of the lesser derivatives of these instruments, and instruments that are just lesser in general. These include the accordion (that's me in the picture on the left), the french horn (definitely the least of the lesser instruments), and the harmonica.

Songs we can agree on

Back in Toronto, I played with a band called The Dufraines. I'm pretty sure you can still buy our CD on iTunes.

I also love writing music and lyrics but you'll probably never hear it. I mostly write bluesy folky songs whining about something or other. And innane oonz-oonzy techno music.

UPDATE: You can hear it here or here.