Dr. Trac D. Tran

Trac D. Tran

Associate Professor:

Electrical and Computer Engineering

3400 N. Charles St.
215 Barton Hall
Baltimore, MD 21218
Phone: (410) 516-7416
Fax: (410) 516-5565
E-mail: ttran@ece.jhu.edu
Website: http://thanglong.ece.jhu.edu/
Curriculum Vitae: (.html format)

Research Interests
  • Filter banks, wavelets, multi-rate systems, transforms
  • Signal representation, signal decomposition, time-frequency signal analysis
  • Applications in audio/image/video processing, coding, and communications
  • Computationally efficient systems and algorithms for wireless applications and handheld devices
  • Design of filter banks, wavelets, multirate systems, transforms; Signal representation, decomposition and analysis; Audio/image/video processing, coding, and communications; Fast DSP implementations for wireless and handheld devices;
  • Compressed sensing and processing applications of sparse signals

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