Anthony E. Kolasny
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Anthony Kolasny

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  • MS Computer ScienceJohns Hopkins University, 1990
  • BS Computer ScienceSUNY at Buffalo, 1986



Professional Activities


  • Anthony Kolasny: Current Research and Requierements in Computational Anatomy MICCAI-GRID. London, UK. September 24, 2009. (Invited)
  • Anthony Kolasny: "Computational Anatomy: Utilizing BIRN and TeraGrid Infrastructure" San Diego Super Computing Summer Institute. San Diego Super Computer Center. July 17, 2007. (Invited)
  • Anthony Kolasny: "Utilizing SSHFS for Distributed Computing" Biomedical Informatics Research Network All Hands. San Diego, CA. October 23, 2006. (Invited)

Research Interests

  • Computational, Networking and Storage Infrastructure
  • Open Source Technology Integration

Publications: Conference Proceedings

  1. Joseph Hennessey, Michael Bowers, Anthony Kolasny, Timothy Brown, Tilak Ratnanather and Michael Miller. "Computational Anatomy Works: Enhancing Paraview for Medical Imaging". TeraGrid Conference 2009 (pdf) (2009)
  2. Anqi Qiu, Timothy Brown, Bruce Fischl, Anthony Kolasny, Jun Ma, Randy L. Buckner, Michael I. Miller. "Subcortical Structure Template Generation with its Applications in Shape Analysis". Human Brain Mapping (2008)
  3. Kolasny, A.E., Beg, M.F., Ceritoglu, C., T., Park, Y., Priebe, C.E., Miller, M.I., Fishl, B., Buckner, R.. "BIRN and Computational Anatomy; A TeraGrid Technology". TeraGrid Conference 2006 (pdf) (2006)
  4. Aldridge, G.M., J.T. Ratnanather, M.E. Martone, M. Terada, M.F. Beg, L. Fong, E. Ceyhan, A.E. Kolasny, T.J.A. Brown, E.L. Cochran, S.J. Tang, D.V. Pisano, M. Vaillant, M.K. Hurdal, J.D. Churchill, W.T. Greenough, M.I. Miller, M.H. Ellisman. "Semiautomated shape analysis of dendrite spines from animal models of fragilex and parkinson's disease using large deformation diffeomorphic metric mapping". Society for Neuroscience, 35th Annual Meeting (2005) (pdf)
  5. Beg, M. F., Randy Buckner, Bruce Fischl, Youngser Park, Elvan Ceyhan, Carey Priebe, Can Ceritoglu, Anthony Kolasny, Timothy Brown, Brian Quinn, Peng Yu, Brian Gold, J. Tilak Ratnanather, Michael Miller. "BIRN Brain Morphometry. Pattern classification of hippocampal shape analysis in a study of Alzheimer's Disease". Human Brain Mapping, 11th Annual Meeting (2005) (pdf)
  6. Beg, MF Ceritoglu C, Kolasny AE, Priebe CE, Ratnanather JT, Yashinski R, Younes L, Yu P, Jovicich J, Buckner RL, Pieper S, Fischl B, Miller MI.. "Biomeidcal Infomratics Research Network: Multi-site Processing pipeline for shape analysis of brain structures. In: Human Brain Mapping". Human Brain Mapping, 10th Annual Meeting (2004) (pdf)

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