Dynamic Programming

Problem 3: Shortest Path 2

For this problem you are provided with a series of paths from which you can choose any course to follow in order to go from the starting point to the end point. Enter your course as you did in problem 2. If you wish to try another course you may do so by either reloading the page, or by clicking on the "Create Traverse" button below. (Remember: enter 0 for any stages that you do not use in your course.)

Problem 3: Shortest Path 2 AC AB BN NJ JK DF FH HK CG GI IH

Problem 3: Shortest Path 2

Stage 5:
Stage 4:
Stage 3:
Stage 2:
Stage 1:

Your traverse distance is:

Compare your answer to the total lengths of the other courses to see if you've found the shortest path!