Dynamic Programming

Problem 1: Shortest Path

In this problem we want to determine, as in the previous example, the shortest distance from point 7 to point 0. In order to do so, we must look at the distances we have to travel and find the path between these points that minimizes the distance we need to traverse.

Using dynamic programming, find this path and follow the instructions in order to determine if the path you find is the optimal path available. Continue to try until you arrive at the correct path!

Problem 1: Shortest Path

Problem 1: Shortest Path

Enter your answers by entering your distance travelled between each of the 4 nodes of this problem. Stage 4 will be 0. The other stages, however, must be entered using the values contained from the diagram above.

Your distance will be displayed below. You may then click on the "Is it correct?" button to determine whether or not you have, in fact, found the optimal path!

Stage 4: 0
Stage 3:
Stage 2:
Stage 1:

Your traverse distance is:
Is this the correct traverse?