MSE Program - Electrical and Computer Engineering at CIS

Summary of Requirements:

  1. Eight (8) one-semester graduate (400-799) courses approved by the advisor must be satisfactorily completed. These courses cannot include Independent Study, Dissertation Research, or Special Studies.
  2. Further depth of understanding must be demonstrated by satisfactorily completing two (2) additional one-semester courses approved by the advisor, or by writing an MSE dissertation acceptable to a member of the ECE faculty or by a special project acceptable to a member of the ECE faculty.
  3. A course (including Independent Study) is satisfactorily completed if a grade of A, B, C, or P is obtained. No more than one C grade can be counted toward the requirements and a D or F or second C grade results in probation. A second D or F or a third C grade results in termination from the program.
  4. At least six (6) one-semester courses in the MSE program must be ECE-Department day-school courses that are not Independent Study, and no more than two (2) one-semester courses can be from outside the Hopkins' full-time programs.
  5. Every graduate course designated Independent Study, Dissertation Research, or Special Studies counted toward the MSE degree must include a written report. A copy of the report will become a part of the student's permanent file.

Sample Program:

    Year 1 Fall

  • 520.414 Image Processing and Analysis I
  • 520.435 Digital Signal Processing
  • 520.651 Random Signal Analysis
  • 550.437 Statistics, Information and Vision
  • Year 1 Spring

  • 520.415 Image Processing and Analysis II
  • 520.432 Medical Imaging Systems
  • 520.644 Pattern Theory
  • 520.652 Filtering and Smoothing

    Year 2 Fall

  • 520.447 Introduction to Information Theory and Coding
  • 520.643 Digital Multimedia Coding and Processing
  • 580.473 Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
  • 600.461 Computer Vision

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