PHD Program - Biomedical Engineering at CIS

Summary of Requirements:

Course Requirements:

Students will take at least 18 credit hours of course work in the life sciences. Courses in molecular, cellular and systems biology are required. The requirement may be met by taking Molecules and Cells, Immunology, Neuroscience and Physiology of the year 1 Medical School basic sciences curriculum. It may also be met by taking the alternative life sciences curricula described below for each research area. Courses in Quantitative Biology (listed below) may be used to meet this requirement. Students will also take a minimum of 18 credit hours of mathematics/applied mathematics and engineering. Requirements and electives are given below for each research area. A minimum of 6 courses at the 400 level or above is required. At least 2 of these courses must be at the 600/700 level. Course selection is developed in consultation with the thesis mentor, Advisory Committee and/or Thesis Committee.
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Sample Program:

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